Superb Italian programming of DISH Network: Never miss it!

Published: 01st September 2011
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Amongst multiple television providers who are thriving in the US industry the name of DISH Network has gained all the kudos from all the TV buffs of United States. Apart from offering handful of packages on topics like sports, music, films, news and several other entertaining programs this Satellite TV provider is the call of this season. Especially watching some of the programs in DISH HD channels is a real treat for all those who want to stay tuned to unlimited entertainment round the clock. You cannot ask for anything more. So call your DISH Network retailers now and check out more details on offers that you can get from DISH TV.

Do you want to catch hold of special foreign programming in US? Well, DISH Network offers you the exclusive chance of selecting your choicest package and gets a rocking time ahead. Especially DISH Network programming in Italian language is worth mentioning here. Why only Italian? Ask for programs in any of the languages of European, East Asian, African, Middle Eastern countries you can catch them all at DISH Network channels. DISH Network offers you enough of international programming which you are unable to get from any other TV providers. You can select from more than two hundred international channels in as many as twenty eight languages of the world.

Digression aside, Dish TV enables you to enjoy all the exclusive channels of Italian language that cover almost all the topics under the sun. Be it TV series, news and current events, movies, sports or any other entertaining program you are bound to get something of your choice from DISH Network. There is one more thing that you can avail if you subscribe to DISH Network’s Italian programming packages. You can get DISH HD Receiver with DVR facility for recording shows and then replaying the stuff as many times as you want to. Is not it quite an amazing offer?

Now let us throw some on the exclusive DISH Network packages for Italian programming.


Get this pack and enjoy a wide ranging programs including live soccer matches , mini-series, spiritual programs , music, musical concerts, travel shows , style and cookery shows and what more. Avail DISH Network channels like EURONEWS, RADIO ITALIA, VIDEO ITALIA, RADIO ITALIA ANNI 60, RAI NEWS 24, RAITALIA, MEDIASET ITALIA etc. are the channels that are available under this package.


It offers you the best of Italian television programming. From this pack you can get two channels namely RAITALIA and RAITALIA RADIO. RAITALIA channel provides wide ranging programs including live news, soccer matches and more from its three Italian networks. RAITALIA RADIO, a radio channel of Italian language that airs best programs of RAI International Radio as well as three more RAI Radio networks. Here you can get to listen various kinds of programs like musical events, entertaining shows complete reviews of the Sanremo festival and what more.

From DISH Network Satellite TV provider you can watch all the exclusive programs for Italian speaking people of United States. Plus you can get DISH HD Receiver with DVR facility for recording programs for your later viewing.

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